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School boards can be stupid sometimes. February 11, 2010

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My county, and the surounding counties, having been getting hit with lots of snow lately and we have been getting a lot of days off (especially during exam week, oh darn). This morning I woke up around 7:20ish, and I was like FML I AM GOING TO BE LATE. I checked the school website and all the counties’ websites and they all said the schools were open. So I get dressed and pack my book bag and everything running out the door to catch my ride (my friends mom drives us, she is also a teacher at the school) and she just cannot believe we have school. We go and pick up my other friend, Katy, and she is complaining about it too. We get on the main road and Katy gets a text from her brother saying that their county just now canceled school (Oh, one detail I should describe. In our school we have kids coming from 12 different counties so we don’t follow any one county. Their policy is that if 3 out of the 4 largest counties are out then we have no school. My home county is one of those large counties.) Anyway! He tells us that our county doesn’t have school, and then I get a text from my friend from a different county bragging that she doesn’t have school (her county is one of the large counties as well). So now we are close to the highway, and we are 2 out of 4, ONE MORE ONE MORE! Finally we get a text saying that the largest county just closed. We checked our school’s website via phone but it didn’t say anything. We check the local news website, it didn’t say anything. We called the school, lines were down.

So my friends mom skids and slips a little on the road, and says screw it we are going home! (Remember she is a teacher at the school, so for her to skip school means that the roads were bad) We get home and we wait, it took them like another 10 minutes to announce that schools were closed. I get on facebook only to find that kids who were halfway there on the bus had to turn around (and that was before the schools had closed) and that parents had drove their kids to school already and then gone off to work only to find out when the got to there all the schools and offices buildings closed. (and for most parents it took them two hours to get their kids to school and then get themselves to work)

So basically, I would not have blamed the schools for having school today because we have already used up all of our snow days and the school board just wants to make sure we don’t have to make up any more snow days using our summer or spring breaks. But for them to have made everyone go through all this trouble and then find out when they are almost or already there that schools is closed is just plain wrong. I think there should be a new law that if a school is going to close they must notify at least 1 hr before school opens!


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